Why Are My Ears Aching? Pt. 1
February 10, 2019
Symptoms of an Ear Infection
May 23, 2019
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Why Are My Ears Aching? Pt. 2

Ear Pain. Asian Girl Touching Aching Ears Suffering From Otitis Infection Lying In Bed At Home.

Last month, we talked about possible causes of ear pain. Here are some more causes to keep in mind, should none of the previous four listed apply to you.

  1. If you also have a sore throat, it’s possible you may have tonsillitis or pharyngitis.
  2. If you have oral pain, you may have a tooth abscess, a cavity, or an impacted molar (your doctor can test this by tapping on your gums to check for soreness).
  3. If you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain, this could be the result of your grinding your teeth or arthritis. The best way to treat TMJ pain is by taking over-the-counter medicine, applying a warm compress to your jaw, and using a mouth guard when you sleep. Eating softer foods also helps!

In some cases, ear pain is present due to a serious reason, such as the presence of a tumor. But, it could also be something simple as cellulitis, a skin infection that comes from piercings. Visit your doctor immediately if the pain is severe and doesn’t decline, especially if it is accompanied by a high fever and/or sore throat.

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