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At Lifetime Hearing Services, we pride ourselves on being the premier hearing facility in the entire Pee Dee region. Our team of audiologists, hearing aid specialists, and experts has years of experience in audiology and we love to help people hear like they were meant to!

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Are you after modern, comprehensive, and professional hearing solutions? Then, you will love the quality of solutions we provide at Lifetime Hearing Services in Hartsville, SC.

Welcome to Lifetime Hearing Services

We are a team of highly trained and certified audiologists and hearing aid specialists whose passion is in serving you. To ensure patient satisfaction, we are constantly at the forefront of leveraging our know-how to provide you with the best treatment. We have managed to achieve this by remaining dedicated to continuous education, embracing innovation, and application of the latest technologies.

All this is complemented by our patient-centered approach that enables us to focus on your specific hearing care needs. Therefore, right from the moment, you contact us, you can be assured of having a team that will stop at nothing to find the best solutions for you. Besides the unwavering attention to your case, we also offer exceptional follow-up care as we believe in creating connections with our patients.

Our facility

At Lifetime Hearing Services, we have heavily invested in a modern office with state-of-the-art equipment. We equally stay up-to-date with the newest technologies to make it easier for us to address your hearing needs efficiently. The quiet ambiance and facilities available in our office makes us the one-stop hearing center for the entire family.

Want to learn more about how we can be of help and make a difference for you or your family? Get in touch with us today through the link below and talk to our team of audiologists and hearing aid specialists.

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As humans, our world revolves around picking up sounds and being conscious of what is happening around us. This is why we are keen to do all we can to help restore your hearing so you can enjoy life without limitations. In general, hearing loss should never be ignored when you have ready solutions and products within your reach.

To help you in the journey to better hearing, our services are centered on:

Comprehensive hearing evaluations

After booking an appointment with us, we will give you a complete hearing test and evaluation. This allows our doctors of audiology and hearing aid specialists to know the extent of your condition. The purpose of these evaluations is to guide our hearing loss experts and help them understand your needs better.

Customized hearing treatment plans

Once the comprehensive hearing evaluations are done, our audiologists and hearing aid specialists will craft a treatment plan for you. This will be a fully customized hearing treatment plan that is based on the results of your tests and evaluations.

State of the art technology

We strictly carry Beltone hearing aids, which are the gold standard in hearing technology. Our audiologists and hearing aid specialists also use the newest technologies to make their hearing tests and evaluations easier. If you want to experience the power of cutting-edge technology in Hartsville, South Carolina, we are here for you.

Are you ready to take the journey to better hearing?

Look no further, contact Lifetime Hearing Services of Hartsville for professional solutions from a team of caring audiologists and hearing aid specialists.

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"Helping people with hearing loss is not just my profession,
it's my passion" - Dr. Lesley Kirby