Cochlear Implants Information

Learn More About Cochlear Implants

At Lifetime Hearing Services, we pride ourselves on being the best Audiologists in the Pee Dee area. Our team of doctors and experts has years of experience in Audiology and we love to help people hear like they were meant to!

  • Lifetime Hearing has been chosen as one of nine initial nationwide sites to work with a cochlear implant surgeon. We are now able to activate and program cochlear implants in the Pee Dee region.
  • A cochlear implant is a surgical solution to assist those who do not benefit from traditional hearing aids. It is an implanted device received through outpatient surgery.
  • Cochlear implant surgery is covered by most insurance plans.
  • Thorough and extensive counseling is provided by our Doctors of Audiology prior to implantation, and during the auditory rehabilitation period.
  • Are you a candidate for CI surgery? If you are motivated and show the desire to communicate better, are able to withstand anesthesia (age is not an issue), and meet the candidacy criteria, this procedure may be the advanced communication option for you!

Ready to take first step? Call our office at (843) 428-5757 for your initial hearing evaluation to begin your cochlear implant journey!