Beltone Serene

Inspiring a new generation

Share your wisdom wearing tiny hearing aids for noisy everyday life

Are you missing out due to your hearing?

Wisdom is shared and heard through life’s stories and experiences, bringing generations together. But are you missing out due to your hearing?

Share your wisdom and be inspired with new Beltone Serene™ – tiny hearing aids for noisy everyday life.

Powered by Organic Hearing™, these tailored hearing solutions sound natural, feel natural and connect you naturally to the world.


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Designed for all-day use

Easy to wear and use
At Beltone, we make hearing feel natural. These hearing aids are so tiny and comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them. Maybe only you will know you’re wearing them!

Relax with all-day comfort
These Beltone Serene hearing aids have a curved symmetrical shape that sits comfortably and discreetly on the back of your ears.

All-day power
The hearing aids are rechargeable for extra convenience. Recharge them and they’ll be ready for a full day of use.

Connect with ease

Keep in touch with loved ones or colleagues and enjoy spending time together with great connectivity options at your fingertips.

To take calls, just double-tap on your ear
Stream calls from your mobile devices directly to your Beltone Serene hearing aids – just double-tap on your ear or one of the hearing aids when you want to answer or end the call.

Future-ready solution
Beltone Serene is prepared for Bluetooth® Auracast™ broadcast audio, the latest Bluetooth technology to be rolled out globally and in public places, such as stadiums and train stations.

Auracast will let people with compatible devices – including Beltone Serene hearing aids – access broadcast audio directly.

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Improve family TV time

In challenging listening situations like TV time with your family, it’s great to have a little extra help. The new TV-Streamer+ gives you immediate speech clarity, and streams the sound from the TV to your ears at your preferred volume.

NEW TV-Streamer+
Ready for Bluetooth Auracast broadcast audio. Pair the devices with MagicPairing. Adjust the TV volume and surrounding sounds using the Beltone HearMax™ app.

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