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December 13, 2018
Why Are My Ears Aching? Pt. 2
March 21, 2019
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Why Are My Ears Aching? Pt. 1

Adult woman (female age 30-40) suffering from pain in her ears.

If you’re currently experiencing pain in either one or both of your ears, it may not mean that an infection is present. Here are some common causes of ear pain.

  1. An abundance of earwax is present. While your ear constantly makes and disposes of wax, sometimes the process doesn’t go so smoothly. When this happens, wax builds up and hardens in the canal becomes blocked. This is known as impacted wax and can cause pain. Don’t insert cotton swabs or other objects to try and remove the buildup.This will only push the wax further into the canal. Wax buildup can cause pain, itching, discharge, as well as an infection. It’s also possible to temporarily lose your hearing. While you can try to treat the problem from home with an over-the-counter kit, it’s always better to visit your doctor.
  2. Air pressure. Our ears work hard to maintain pressure at an equal level on both sides of the eardrum. When you feel a popping sensation during swallowing, this is simply a part of the process. When we enter an airplane or elevator, however, we can be thrown off balance. Pain can be experienced, as well as temporary hearing loss.When flying, keep gum or hard candy on hand. Yawn or swallow during takeoff and landing. Try to stay awake as the plane descends. Take a deep breath, pinch your nostrils, and then slowly release your grip as you gently blow air out of your nose. If you have a cold, sinus infection, or allergy, try to refrain from air travel and diving.
  3. Swimmer’s Ear. If you experience pain while pulling on your love or pushing the tiny flap that closes it, it’s likely you have an outer ear infection known as Swimmer’s Ear. This occurs when water becomes trapped in the ear canal and breeds germs. Your ears can turn red and swollen; they can also itch or leak pus.While Swimmer’s Ear isn’t contagious, try to avoid it at all costs by keeping your ears dry during and after swimming, as well as during and after showering/bathing. If you have Swimmer’s Ear, your doctor will prescribe antibiotic drops to clear up the infection.
  4. Middle ear infection. Colds, allergies, and sinus infections can cause the tubes in our middle ear to become blocked. Once the fluid builds up and the area becomes infected, it is known as otitis media, the most common cause of ear pain.Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and may even include medicine to treat your cold and allergy symptoms. If this is what you suspect is causing your ear pain, see your doctor immediately. If left untreated, this can spread or cause hearing loss.

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