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June 4, 2018
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Tips to Remember as You Grow Older

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As we grow older, our senses slowly start to decline. It’s just an inevitable side effect of aging. However, there are three important things to remember during this time in your life.

  1. Take precautionary measures. When exposed to loud environments, always wear protection in the form of earplugs, custom fit earbuds, or noise-canceling headphones.
  2. Don’t overexpose your ears to loud noises. Sure, it’s fun attending a concert or a race at the local speedway. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the things that make you happy! However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be exposed to loud environments for a prolonged period of time. Especially if you aren’t wearing protective gear. The noisier the environment, the less amount of time you should be exposed to it.
  3. Schedule regular appointments with your audiologist. You may not notice a change in your hearing immediately; however, it’s a great idea to have a hearing test conducted at least once a year to see what condition your ears are in.

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