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What Are The 3 Types Of Hearing Loss?

There are 3 different types of hearing loss, each one being significant in their own way. Hearing loss can either be conductive, mixed, or sensorineural. Each one of them affects the hearing in a different way and may also cause similar signs and symptoms as well. It also depends on the type of hearing is damaged since your hearing is made up of three different parts-the outer, the middle, and the inner.

Conductive hearing loss can be caused by fluid in the middle ear, as well as a possible ear infection. Either medicine or even surgery can fix this type of hearing loss. Sounds that are louder may even be muffled. When sounds cannot get through the middle or outer ear, conductive hearing forms. A hole in your eardrum or even earwax that is stuck in your ear canal is other causes of conductive hearing loss.

Mixed hearing loss can pretty much mean that there is actual damage in the middle or outer and inner ear or even pathway to the brain. This is what results in a mixed hearing loss. A good example of a mixed hearing loss would be a hearing loss from working around loud noises as well as fluid in your middle ear. These two combined will actually make your hearing loss a lot worse.

Last but not least is sensorineural hearing loss. This happens to be the most common cause of permanent hearing loss. Most of the time surgery or even medicine cannot fix this type of hearing loss, although hearing aids may be beneficial in some type of way. Illnesses, aging, hearing loss that runs in family, and even drugs that are toxic are just some of the causes of sensorineural hearing loss. A problem with the way the inner ear is formed is also another cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Aging can simply be another cause as well.

Sensorineural, mixed hearing loss and conductive are the three types of hearing loss. Each one of them is significant and affects the ear a bit differently. For the most part, medicine and surgery can fix these hearing losses unless they are permanent. Each of these types of hearing loss is also caused by many different factors, some avoidable and some not. Sometimes the damage may be too significant for any type of solution to be done. The best thing to do is to consult with a doctor if you are experiencing some type of hearing loss. See us at Lifetime Hearing today.

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