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February 15, 2018
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April 17, 2018
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Recognizing Hearing Loss

Senior businessman keeping a hand next to his ear and overhearing something, he has hearing loss problems

There are warning signs of hearing loss that is more complex than simply having a hard time hearing your surroundings. Hearing loss not only affects the way you hear, but it also affects your ability to communicate and can ultimately lead to other issues. If you experience any of the following below, please contact your audiologist and schedule an appointment.

Simply start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How often do I ask others to repeat what they’ve said to me?
  2. Do I struggle to keep up with conversations involving more than two people?
  3. Can I hear the speaker without facing them?
  4. Do I have a hard time hearing in crowded, busy places?
  5. Do I struggle hearing women and children speak?
  6. Do I keep the TV or radio at a louder volume than others?
  7. Do I constantly hear ringing or buzzing sounds?
  8. When people speak, does it sound like mumbling to me?

Next, it’s important to understand that hearing loss can fall into three categories – social, emotional, and medical.

Signs You Have Social Hearing Loss:

  1. Frequent repetition is needed to understand/participate in conversations.
  2. You struggle following conversations with more than two people.
  3. When others speak, their voices sound muffled or words sound slurred.
  4. It’s difficult for you to hear in noisy environments.
  5. You have issues hearing women and children speak clearly.
  6. The TV and/or radio are at a louder volume than usual in order for you to hear.
  7. You often answer or respond in the wrong manner during conversations.
  8. Ringing and buzzing sounds are often heard in your ears.
  9. You have to face someone during a conversation, or read their lips, to understand what is being said.

Signs You have Emotional Hearing Loss:

  1. You often feel stressed from not knowing what is being said during a conversation.
  2. You become aggravated at others because you can’t hear or understand them.
  3. You’re ashamed to meet new people due to the misunderstanding during conversations.
  4. You’re nervous when attempting to hear or understand someone else.
  5. You sit out of social events due to your struggle with hearing.

Signs You Have Medical Hearing Loss:

  1. Your family has a history of hearing loss.
  2. You take medicine that impacts hearing loss.
  3. You have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart problems, circulation problems, or thyroid problems.

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