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Is Beltone A Good Hearing Aid?

Close-up Of Man Wearing Hearing Aid In Ear

Hearing aids come in many shapes and sizes with the goal to suit everyone with different needs. As a rule of the thumb, when it comes to deciding whether the hearing aids are good or not, there are three key factors to be considered:

Technology, as the latest technology generally has the best results to help the hearing, like better removing background noise so that you could hear conversations easier; Quality, as the hearing aids made by low-quality materials can not consistently work well; Maintenance, as maintenance costs time and money, the better your hearing aids are protected, the less maintenance your hearing aids need.

Beltone, beginning at 1940, is a leader in the hearing aid industry and has been working to improve its products and offer the latest hearing aid technology; it provides a large variety of hearing aids to suit the people with all levels of hearing problems in different categories:

Beltone Trust: The hearing aids offer great sound, being discreet, as well as personal wireless control, and work with the app to provide the best hearing aid experience. They also include CrossLink Directionality 2 to allow identifying where the sounds come from at all angles.

Beltone Amaze: The hearing aids have the latest hearing aid technology. The hearing aids could work with Beltone’s Hear MaxApp to adjust the hearing aid from a smartphone, and also could be connected to the devices, like smartphones, televisions, and more, to best suite for the people suffering mild to a severe loss of hearing. The hearing aids could last for 30 hours after fully charged.

Beltone Legen: The hearing aids have Personal Sound ID to mimics the way sound is naturally processed by ear to help you more aware of the surroundings to have better conversations, and you can stream calls from iPhone to the hearing aid.

Beltone Boost Max: The hearing aids are made for the people with the most severe loss of hearing. The hearing aids could connect with an app to Apple products as well as Android phones, and also enjoy the technology of CrossLink Directionality 2.

Beltone Ally: The hearing aids have advance and easy-to-use features such as Noise Reduction as well as Sound Cleaner to remove background noise for you to focus on the conversation, and you could also stream from another device to the hearing aid.

Beltone’s hearing instruments are all made by high-quality materials to meet the best standard of the industry.

Beltone’s hearing instruments are all treated with their HPF80 NanoBlock™ protective coating, which is the latest technology in nano-engineered protection, to safeguard the whole hearing instrument from moisture, changes of temperature as well as humidity, dirt, earwax, and skin oil, which, over time, could damage the hearing instruments’ circuitry as well as delicate components.

Thus, the protective coating reduces the hearing aids in need for professional cleaning and repairs to save the additional cost and give you more time to enjoy hearing the world around you.

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