Cochlear Implant Seminar

March 23th at 6 PM via Zoom


To Register: Fill out the form below or Call Our Office to Secure Your Spot - (843) 662-4327

When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough - Presented by:

Sponsored by Cochlear Corporation and Lifetime Hearing Services.

--Cochlear implants are for those who receive little if any benefit in their understanding ability with hearing aids.
Featured speakers include:
Dr. Scott Thompson, Otologist
Dr. Lesley Kirby, AuD (Doctor of Audiology and owner of Lifetime Hearing Services, Inc.)
Dr. Melissa Wilson, AuD from Cochlear Corporation

Limited reservations are available for this special event- register NOW!

How to Register:

Call Reagan at 843-662-4327 to secure your spot. You will be receiving a few different emails with information leading up to the event!
Registration needs to be completed by Friday the 19th.

"Helping people with hearing loss is not just my profession,
it's my passion" - Dr. Lesley Kirby